Friday, 18 October 2013

Legian - get me to the beach

Change of plans/get me to the beach.

So after a great stay in Jogja it was time to move on.

Our plan ever since even looking at travelling to Indonesia had been to visit the awesomely named Mount Bromo volcano. Trips were advertised across Jogja to visit the famed active Volcano, however, an expensive and long car journey in a crowded minibus just didn't seem worth it for something that we'd been warned was one of the biggest tourist traps on the island. So instead we decided to fly, the next day to Bali and hit the waves.
After arriving in the remarkably swish and sizeable Denpassar airport, and haggling no end for what ended up still being an overpriced taxi from the only company allowed to operate at the airport we arrived in Legian. Beach town it well and truly was. We were staying in Kubu Kauh beach inn, a surfers lodge just off the main strip. The room was a sauna and with a only one measly fan that swirled and swirled and did very little but frustrate further it was not a room to spend quality time in away from the beach. It was set in a beautiful little home compound, of a Balinese family, complete with family temples and daily prayer and offerings. Shame the room was so hot, at least it was cheap and in a part of Bali seemingly so far detached from the rich Balinese Hindu culture it was great to stay with a family!
The family temple outside our room
Legian is just up from notorious Kuta, the Malia for the Aussies, and they were everywhere. Families, straight out of school teens, and long haired surfers. Flocking to the vast beach, that was beautiful, particularly at sunset. Clean sets of waves came in day after day and we tried our hand at surfing. It was great, until we realised as we sat later that day that we had been well and truly sunburnt to a crisp. Ouch.
best sunset so far...
They released some things into the sea, including a live duck witch just swam back to the shore and waddled off.
Everyone had the same idea to get to the beach to watch the beautiful sunset.
As we were so horrificly sunburnt from surfing we needed a day out of the sun. So we headed to the mall and inevitably, yet again to the air conditioned heaven of an Indonesian cinema. We saw Captain Phillips, (highly recommended, Josie cried), and had a pizza. Suddenly sunburn hurt a bit less.
The main strip was busy every night with mopeds, party goers, overpriced restaurants and stores selling anything and everything fake you could possibly imagine. I just wish they'd understand, as I'm wearing an Arsenal shirt I DON'T NEED ANOTHER ONE, or a hat, or sunglasses, or Bintang vest.

Outside every home and business, a small leaf basket filled with a bit of food, flowers and insence is left as an offering to their gods.
It was a welcome change from Java's city metropolis, but 4 days of hassle, super hot room, and super hot beach sun was plenty and it was time to see what else Bali had to offer underwater.

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