Friday, 20 December 2013

Seminyak - short but sweet

We had a few more days to kill before we flew to Kalimantan from Denpasar and didn't want to stray too far from the airport so we decided to go Semenyak which is just down the beach from Legian, although in a much smarter and flashier part of town we were assured and in particular less rough Aussies mate. The town and beach was less busy and generally, true to Lonely Planets word, much nicer than legian. The shopping is also VERY good, even better than Ubud. Again we had to resist temptation and not buy extra clothes we didn't need from some of hands down the coolest shops we've ever been in. However I did buy some funky shorts and we both invested in new flip flops but we needed new pairs anyway. Endless surf shops full of over priced bordies were trying to lure us in to buy but we resisted.

I was going to tell you we got lost, but it wasn't that dramatic or interesting, and we found our way back, so won't bother!

We went surfing again! But there was the opposite problem from Lombok, there were too many big waves and I found it a little intimidating and couldn't manage them so I just tried to surf the white water which was still pretty powerful! All the progress I made in Lombok just seemed to go out the window and I could not seem to get the hang of it! Very frustrating, but still fun none the less. Olly caught a few gnarly waves however and had a go on a shorter board more suited to the larger waves but much tougher to ride. Unfortunately he got quite a deep cut on the side of his foot from the fin of his board. The lifeguard patched him up then we hobbled back to our homestay. The homestay was called Ned's hideaway and was one of the nicest rooms we have stayed in so far, huge bed, good shower, tv and air con. And also kept within the traditional bali es style.

The room was especially handy when Olly fell ill the next day so we had a day of resting in the room and watching Bear Grylls documentaries. From what we gathered of the tv shows Grylls seems to piss on a lot of things, or drink his own piss. We got a few tips if we are left stranded in the rainforest or dessert though, which ya never know could come in handy whilst we're away!

Olly was feeling a bit better by the evening so we went to the beach to watch the orange sunset and have a cold drink and a shisha. We sat on comfy bean bags under an unbrella and sipped on some arak madu (arak, lime juice and sugar) also a perfect spot for some people watching... A man was taking photos of the beautiful sunset but his naggy girlfriend insisted he take photos of her frolicking about in the surf, pretty funny.

A short but sweet stay before we headed off to the rainforest! (Almost as sweet as these slushies)


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