Thursday, 10 October 2013


We got a train from Gambir station in Jakarta to Bandung which took about 3 hours. The journey was pleasant with comfy seats and air conditioning, we did pay a little extra for the a/c but it's worth it. the sprawl of the city was vast, it took at least half an hour to start to see some green. before that we went past skyscrapers, slums and lots of mosques and everything Inbetween. it was a good way to see more of the city as we had only seen a small part of it.

We got to Bandung and had to walk along a busy road with no pavement but was only a short walk to our hostel which was in a new development called paskal hyper square half filled with shops, restaurants and lots of karaoke bars? Indonesians must love karaoke, we are yet to go to one yet, I will try and persuade Olly...

Hunni hostel. Been a while since I have slept in bunk beds!

The best thing about the development was the amazing food court at the end of the development containing at least 40 food stalls, chairs benches and tables and pretty water features. We went there every night we were in Bandung which was 3 nights and went to a differnt stall every time...but I had the same juice every day because it was delicious...lychee and orange! Tastiest juice ever!

Bandung is another very busy city full of congested roads. We decided to get out of the city however and catch a very crowded bus to ciater hot springs. tangkubanperahu was the volcano, no idea how you pronounce that! Unfortunately we couldn't go to the volcano because it was currently active and realising toxins! So we went to the hot springs further down the volcano instead! And wow were they hot! They can reach up to 42 degrees Celsius and it felt like stepping into a hot bath. You get used to it quickly and starts to become refreshing. It made our hair and skin feel very soft but made our eyes sting and tasted funny. I think here was a lot of sulphur in the water because of the volcano.
A not so flattering photo of me in the hot springs. I kept my clothes on because it being a Muslim country most of the women there were well covered up, wearing shorts were revealing enough to get a few stares!
The journey back was the fun bit, we got a angkott back with 23 people and a baby in! It's much smaller than a mini van, so I had to sit by the open door, holding on tightly...and got a bit travel sick.
This was the second one, which was a bit less busy! still looking a bit ill though...
We went to a huuuge fancy shopping mall full of designer shops and a theme park! In the shopping mall! It looked good and we wanted to go but it was really pricey so went to the cinema in the mall instead to see gravity. Which i highly recommend seeing by the way! It was a nice break away from the heat and pollution outside.



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  1. Great blog and photos. Oli looks like a giant in the minibus. I want to have some noodles for lunch now