Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Flight and Jakarta

We flew from Heathrow to Kuala Lumper with Air Malaysia which took about 12 hours. The flight was fine, good food, enough leg room and best of all, lots of films! Although I watched 'Now You See Me', which was a waste of 90 minutes; it's rubbish..so don't bother watching it! We then got a short flight from KL to Jakarta. By this time we were exhausted as we had only slept about an hour or two during both flights. It was an ungodly hour in the morning so we jumped in a taxi from the airport to the hotel, and pretty sure we got ripped off; but were just too tired to haggle a price, something 2 weeks in we're still getting the hang of. We stayed in Ibis Tamarin..so not so backpacker, more businessman, but it was a nice place to start and have a good sleep as we were both pretty jet-lagged. The first thing about Jakarta you notice is the crazy amount of traffic. The main roads are congested with mopeds, angkots and taxis and the pavements busy with people, parked mopeds, people and holes you could literally fall into. We were hesitant to cross roads at first but you just kind of have to walk into the traffic and then the cars and bikes will just drive around you. My first meal of my travels was ridiculously spicey so had to wash it down with a few Bintang (Indonesian lager) afterwards, I think I will develop a taste for beer whilst I am away! I felt safe there and everyone we encountered was very friendly. We were only there for two nights and one whole day so didn't get to explore a lot of Jakarta, but to be honest you don't want to stay there for very long.
A few photos from jakarta, we didn't take that many though.
Olly at Monas monument
Pretty bikes for rent at the Kota area

Derelict building. Looks like it could have been some pretty architecture in its prime.
Hugeeee market mall.

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